From Tomatina to Cava Week: Spanish Festivals That Celebrate Culinary Delights

With more religious, culinary and cultural festivals than you can shake a stick at, Spain is no stranger to a good party.

The vibrant, exciting and colourful fiestas draw visitors from around the world, many of whom come to the country specifically to take part in some of the more weird and wonderful annual festivals.

After local and national saints, one of the main things celebrated in Spain’s fiestas is food and drink. And with their produce among the best in the world, who can blame them?


Tomatina Festival (Creative Commons)

Tomatina Festival (Creative Commons)

Of all of the Spanish festivals that take food as their focal point, the Tomatina Festival, held every year on the last Wednesday in August in a small town called Buñol, near Valencia, has got to be the most famous.

Although the partying begins a week earlier, the highlight of the festival is a huge tomato fight that occurs between 11am and 1pm on the final day, covering the town and all of its inhabitants in a thick layer of ripe tomato pulp.

Seville Tapas Festival

Held every February in the Andalucían city of Seville, this is one Spanish culinary festival where playing with the food is not encouraged.

Instead, restaurants across the city prepare their most impressive specialities for the delight of visitors and residents alike, providing some of the best tapas you’ll find anywhere in this gastro-centric nation.

A lot of Expedia holidays to Spain are based in the Andalucía region, so travelling to the festival should be a piece of cake – or should that be a Spanish omelette?

Cava Week

The small town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia – around 50km outside of Barcelona – produces 85 per cent of the Spain’s Cava, so you can’t blame them for wanting to celebrate the annual harvest with an enormous Cava-themed party.

Normally held in the middle of October (although dates do vary), Cava Week kicks of with an inaugural speech from the Cava Queen, who arrives accompanied by her ladies in waiting.

A week of dinners, concerts, bike rides and Cava-themed events then follows, allowing the town to showcase its most famous export and giving everyone else a great excuse for a party.

Haro Wine Festival

Haro Wine Festival (Creative Commons)

Haro Wine Festival (Creative Commons)

If you can’t decide between the fun of Tomatina and the sophistication of Cava week, fear not, the Haro Wine Festival, held every year on the 29th June in a town around 100km south of Bilbao, could be the perfect solution.

The festival mainly involves people throwing red wine over each other before heading off to a massive party, so as long as you’re not wearing your Sunday best, what’s not to like?



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