Indonesia beyond Beaches and Temples

When picturing Indonesia, one would surely associate it with temples, fine beaches and Komodo Dragons in their heads. Indonesia, the land of hope, has so much to offer apart from its magnificent beaches and diverse culture. Below are just a few of the spectacular places to visit in Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia – As the most visited place in Indonesia and one of the favourite destinations in the world, Bali delights its visitors with its diverse cultures, festivals, and picturesque beaches. This so called Island of Gods fills a week’s worth of itinerary with attractions such as the famed Elephant Safari Tour, Bali Cruise, white water rafting, surfing and other extreme water sports. You may also get a chance to see some Hollywood stars chilling on one of the glorious beaches of Bali. Bali is just more than the small island you see in pictures.

Bali, Indonesia (creative commons)

Bali, Indonesia (creative commons)

Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

If your idea of fun is spotting the extinct Komodo dragon, then you are in for luck as Komodo Island offers you just that.  The island is surrounded by islands with seawater. This island is also hailed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well as being a part of UNESCO World Heritage. When visiting this island, never be too far away with your guides as Komodo Dragons are natural cannibals. Talk about safety.

Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island (creative commons)

Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island (creative commons)

Ijen, East Java

This tropical place is home to 79 volcanoes of which 20 are still active. Mt. Ijen provides a picturesque view with its highly acidic crater lake. People activities such as sulphur mining offers impressive scenes as miners carry sulphur-laden baskets from the crater floor. Tourists are treated with Ijen’s gorgeous waterfalls, hot springs and dramatic volcanic scenery.


If you want to see some quirky houses then go visit Torajaland in the highland region of South Sulawesi. This island is popular for their massive peaked-roof houses called tongkonan and grotesque funeral rites. Its funeral service is done in such manner that when a person dies, his body is kept for several years until the funeral ceremony which can sustain for days. The corpse is then buried in a small cave.

Carstensz Pyramid aka Jaya Top Mountain

This top of a mountain in Papua Island, Indonesia has gletser Carstenz around it. This is only tropic gletser in Indonesia. The gletser causes global warming but this place is the ultimate destination for mountain climbers.




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